Silvio Leite is a Brazilian entrepreneur and one of the pioneers of the specialty-coffee movement with more than 40 years of experience in coffee classification, cup tasting, and quality control. 

He developed and implemented quality control on the Italian company Bozzo units while based in Geneve, Switzerland. 

After the experience abroad, he returned to Brazil for a project aligned with the Portuguese Espirito Santo group. At this point, Silvio became a specialist in coffee processing, quality control, and harvesting. 

1992 was the year of the BSCA foundation, a much-expected debut.  

In 1999, Silvio Leite co-founded and co-created all the technical protocols of the Cup of Excellence (COE) alongside George Howell and Susie Splinder. Nowadays, he still works as a Head Judge for COE and has more than 30 COE competitions worldwide. Furthermore, Silvio gives training, calibrating, and cup-tasting as needed or required for every round. 

Around 2000, founded and promoted a local competition on specialty coffee in Bahia called “Assocafé.” 

From 2019 and on, the acquisition of Cerca de Pedras São Benedito Farm at Piatã, Bahia, has been a new journey of excitement.