Direct Trade

Our team works only with specialty coffee from the small producers to the most prominent in the business by fairtrade. 

Our sample sets can be purchased and shipped worldwide. They are to be roasted and cupped so you can taste all the attributes that compound them and conveniently choose among your preferences. 

Mentoring and advice

  1. Develop or enhance a green coffee blend to be roasted for your brand, directly designed for your public.
  2. Guarantee that your best coffee is produced within your conditions by redirecting and managing your strategy to amplify and highlight your coffee.
  3. Coffee cupping training (CCT) Brazil edition was a one-of-a-kind experience to give yourself a level up on sensory education. Our first edition was 2019 and allowed students to improve their sensory and technical skills by calibrating them. All attendants were able to evaluate coffee and develop accuracy, consistency, and confidence. Silvio Leite instructs the CCT classes alongside great names in the coffee scenario. It is an opportunity to bring years of valuable coffee knowledge while you are in your own workspace.  
  4. Undergraduates of agribusiness may want to join us at our tillage to share and grow professionally under its institutional protocols.